Sunday, November 1, 2009

Linq Ankle-Length Maxi Dress: XS in Shadow

I love the comfort and casual glamour of this dress... but it's suited for a girl with a chest smaller than my own. It's been seen on Paris Hilton and Eva Longoria (you can see them both in it here, if you're someone who loves celebrity fashion trends).

Fits an Extra Small perfectly, probably best on a C cup and smaller.

Retail: $135
Price: $60



  1. This dress is beautiful! I've been looking for something like that... I think with an A cup and chicken cutlets, I could probably pull it off! :)

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  3. omg, that dress is gorrrrrg.

    i luvs it. i have a slinky maxi dress that's soooort of like that, but it's a little different. (& cheaper! from forever21!)
    it's black & the bust has that braided cross over in the front & up to the straps.

    the only problem i have is that i'm so damn short (5'2") that i have to have maxi dresses hemmed!!! hahah & the straps taken in!!!

    you look totally babalicious in this slinkster dress. if it were red, it'd be totes Jessica Rabbit!


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  4. Nice dress,but it's to long for me ( I am only 160)hehe
    Nice tatoo!
    Marry Christmas!

  5. omg! i love your tattoo!!!